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The HDL-64E Lidar sensor is designed for obstacle detection and navigation of autonomous ground vehicles and marine vessels. Its durability, 360° field of view and very high data rate makes this sensor ideal for the most demanding perception applications as well as 3D mobile data collection and mapping applications. The HDL-64E's innovative laser array enables navigation and mapping systems to observe more of their environment than any other Lidar sensor.

  • 64 Channels

  • 120m range

  • Up to ~2.2 Million Points per Second

  • 360° Horizontal FOV

  • 26.9° Vertical FOV

  • 0.08° angular resolution (azimuth)

  • ~0.4° Vertical Resolution

  • User selectable frame rate

  • Rugged Design

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Key Applications

User Data Examples

Raw data from HDL-64E

Raw data from HDL-64E

Raw data from HDL-64E

In Action

TOP GEAR's Driverless Truck

"It's man versus machine, quite literally!"
"Meet the TerraMax - it has six-wheel drive, tires the size of Ferris wheels... and nobody in the driver's seat!"

Google Self-Driving Car In Action

At the TED 2011 conference in Long Beach, Google gave rare demos of its auto-driving car. This is from outside the car. The car is making extreme turns unlike it would on regular roads because it is on a closed-course and it demonstrating its capabilities.

MuCAR-3 at Elrob 2010 in Hammelburg/Germany

MuCAR-3 (Munich Cognitive Autonomous Robot Car) at "Convoy" Scenario of European Land Robot Trial ELROB 2010 in May 2010, taking place in Hammelburg/Germany.


HDL-64E Data Sheet

HDL-64E Manual S3

HDL-64E S3 Envelope Drawing
(2D PDF)

HDL-64E S3 Envelope CAD

HDL-64E S3
Wiring Diagram

HDL-64E Photos